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A vision for human bionics.

Underpinning all we do at Bionics Gamechangers Australia is our mission to accelerate bionic innovations to change the lives of those impacted by disability, disease and chronic health conditions.

Together with our partners and collaborators, we will achieve our shared vision of delivering local and global access to medical bionic innovations and transforming human health and performance. 

Our suite of events throughout the year brings together universities, healthcare, finance, government and the community to share knowledge, clarify innovation needs, showcase breakthrough devices and treatments, spark extraordinary discussions and foster partnerships – all with the goal of taking Australian bionic innovations to the next level. 

Nation-wide, Bionics Gamechangers Australia is striving to build a community of bionic innovators – our nation’s ‘first-mover’ clinicians, university R&D leaders, grassroots start-ups, early-stage bionic ventures and patients/end users who are laser-focused on delivering the next frontier in bionic devices, treatments and implants. 

While physical metropolitan hubs provide much-needed places to congregate, co-design and co-create, it is people, knowledge and expertise that foster innovation. At Bionics Gamechangers Australia, our people, events and place-based approach to uplifting innovation draws on a network of bionics champions, to scale ideas from the bench to design, testing and manufacture. 

Together, we will boost insights to medical bionics from ‘the beach to the bush’, foster regional and national innovation leaders, overcome challenges and accelerate access to bionic devices and treatments in local and global markets. 

National Bionics Innovation Leaders’ Summit

Our National Bionics Innovation Leaders’ Summit is a platform for identifying opportunities, challenges and key priorities for growing Australia’s bionic innovation ecosystem, accelerating Australia’s bionics R&D and nurturing early-stage, mid-stage, and late-stage ventures on their journey to market.

The inaugural Summit in 2023 hosted at the Queensland University of Technology saw esteemed guests from universities, hospitals, industry and charities gather to participate in a diverse range of presentations, panel discussions and roundtables. Topics included:

  • Multi-Party Collaboration: Aligning our Knowledge, Talent and Resources to Focal Challenges
  • Galvanising Medical Bionic Innovation in Hospital and Health Settings
  • Bionic Innovation Funding and Pathways to Market

A key purpose of this extraordinary ‘meeting of the minds’ was to formulate a framework for a 10-Year National Roadmap for Bionics Innovation, Commercialisation and Growth, an initiative currently underway being spearheaded by Bionics Gamechangers Australia.

Bionic Arm

Stay tuned for further updates on outcomes of our first-ever National Bionics Innovation Summit and further engagement on our Roadmap.

Dr Robyn Stokes speaking in front of a crowd at the Bionics Breakfast Series 2023

Stay tuned for upcoming events in your capital city or regional centre.

Bionics Breakfast Series

There is no doubt that an Australia-wide alliance of medical bionic champions, innovators, incubators and accelerators will be an unstoppable force in putting Australia’s bionic-medtech devices front-and-centre in global markets.

Throughout 2024, there will be ample opportunity for all interested parties to participate in our Bionics Breakfast Series held quarterly to share critical knowledge and awareness of local and global bionic discoveries; the latest industry trends; and much-needed insights on the design, development and commercialisation of bionic devices, treatments and implants.

Major Partner

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Motor Accident Insurance Commission

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) Queensland is our major funding partner. The rehabilitation of Queenslanders impacted by road accident trauma, disabilities and chronic health conditions underpins our highly valued partnership.


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