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Providing insights to Bionics Challenge 2022 entrants and winning teams.

Founded 70 years ago, FB Rice is one of the largest and most respected patent and trade mark attorney firms in Australia with employees located across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

The wide-ranging technical and industry specialists of FB Rice ensure that medtech clients (including medical bionic innovators) and others receive practical advice that combines outstanding intellectual capability, creativity and commercial insight. Continuously recognised in a number of industry awards both nationally and internationally, the FB Rice team responds to clients’ intellectual property (IP) needs with the right technical expert every time.

Key areas of specialisation are advice on IP, encompassing legal, technical and strategic aspects and covering a range of fields, including medical technology, biotechnology, chemistry, computer and electrical sciences, and engineering.

FB Rice also has a highly accomplished team of trademark attorneys that provides strategic advice for the development of strong and effective trademark portfolios in Australia and globally. The team offers the full suite of IP services and work with clients to deliver a superior service. FB Rice are responsive, thoughtful and reliable, making IP easy.

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Bionics Challenge 2022

Delivered in partnership with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (Queensland), the Challenge has again provided $300,000 in combined cash prizes, mentoring and acceleration.

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