Our Valued Partners

Bionics Gamechangers Australia is proud to partner with like-minded organisations and individuals who share our vision of fast-tracking medical bionic breakthroughs to transform lives.

We collaborate with Australia’s leading universities (urban and regional), research institutes, public and private hospitals, industry bodies, government agencies and the medtech sector to support emerging medical bionics innovators and early-stage ventures and drive lasting change and long-term benefits to health consumers.

With inputs ranging from event sponsorship and pro bono services through to research collaborations and jointly hosted roundtables, our partners are major contributors to our vision of changing the lives of everyday Australians impacted by disability, disease and/or chronic health conditions.

Major Partner

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) and Bionics Gamechangers Australia have a shared interest in optimising the rehabilitation of Queenslanders impacted by road trauma and related disabilities. Since 2021, MAIC has supported our annual Bionics Challenge; a major study of Bionics Innovation Opportunities and End User Needs; and a Bionics Innovation Ecosystem Mapping Project. Read more.

Associate Partners

Griffith University is widely recognised for its highly innovative interventions and person-centred model of rehabilitation, supporting Bionic Gamechangers Australia’s commitment to transforming lives with bionic devices, implants and assistive technologies. Read more.

Metro North Health Queensland logo

Metro North Hospital and Health Services is well placed to contribute to further advances in medical bionics aligned to trauma management, bionic implants, rehabilitation technologies and device breakthroughs, as largest of 16 Hospital and Health Services providing public health services in Queensland. Read more.

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Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has a strong commitment to research, device development and treatments across a wide spectrum of medical bionic innovations. In partnering with Bionics Gamechangers Australia, QUT is continuing its tradition of supporting innovative, real-world solutions aligned to current and future needs. Read more.

The University of Melbourne contributes to solving social, economic and environmental challenges the world is facing today and into the future. Its tight connection with local and global communities enriches University of Melbourne learning, teaching, and research program.

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The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) is advancing medical, science and engineering knowledge in areas that will directly inform future innovations in medical bionics; clinical treatments, biomedical devices and bio-inspired solutions are in focus in multiple USC research and teaching programs. Read more.

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The University of Queensland is well placed to take a leadership role with others in advancing whole organ engineering, with its interests in human bionics extend across medicine, allied health, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, materials science, nanotechnology and more. Read more.

Sector Partners

The Bionics Institute is an internationally recognised, independent medical research institute that solves medical challenges with technology. It delivers world-leading research and development of innovative medical devices and therapies to transform the lives of people with hearing and vision impairment, autoimmune and chronic conditions, and conditions affecting the brain.

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FB Rice is one of the largest and most respected patent and trademark attorney firms in Australia. Its wide-ranging technical and industry specialists ensure clients – including medical bionic innovators – receive practical advice that combines outstanding intellectual capability, creativity and commercial insight. Read more.

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Morgans Financial is a market leader with a 35-year history of providing financial advice to Australian investors. Morgans’ insights on capital raising and corporate advisory solutions assist businesses across all sectors, including those in health and medtech product development, manufacturing and service delivery. Read more.

Tiller Design is an award-winning product development consultancy. Working closely with major research institutions, their team specialises in complex translational research projects, helping teams accelerate their research and commercialisation outcomes. Read more.

Now more than ever, we have an incredible opportunity to showcase Australia’s game-changing bionic innovation R&D and early-stage ventures on the world stage! The support of our industry partners is highly valued in achieving this goal.

Contact us to find out more about partnering with us to deliver genuine collaboration across the country to incubate and accelerate bionic-medtech ventures.

Major Partner

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Motor Accident Insurance Commission

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) Queensland is our major funding partner. The rehabilitation of Queenslanders impacted by road accident trauma, disabilities and chronic health conditions underpins our highly valued partnership.


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